Cecily's Fund 20 Years

This video explains the work of Cecily's Fund, an education charity that works in Zambia with Orphans and Vulnerable Children.  The film was commissioned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the charity.

Why not me? Why not us?

The women academics, at The University of Dodoma, Tanzania, reflect on how gender issues have, since childhood, shaped their career pathways. Despite their success, the need to balance work and family life remains a constant struggle.  

Pebbles in the pond

Every day, whatever the weather, David walks his dog across the fields that surround the Berkshire village where he lives. Following familiar and well-worn footpaths, this twice-daily ritual provides David the space and time to reflect on the uncertainty of “ordinary life”. 

Belgian Blues

Richard has just turned 70 years of age, but he has no plans to retire, just yet. Like his father before him, Richard is a tenant farmer in West Berkshire. He works alone, tending a small herd of dairy cattle. Even though the relentless physical demands of the work are now taking their toll, Richard finds it hard to imagine what a future life would be like without his cows.