Photography, Video and Documentary

I have a long-standing interest in  visual media, especially film and photography.  As a teacher and trainer, I have made extensive use of documentary film to inform and educate, and encourage participants. As a practitioner, I have used participatory "photo voice" techniques during field research with rural youth in East Africa.  


In 2016, I completed a MA in Documentary Practice (Film) from Brunel University, and I now integrate video  in my consultancy work.


My personal approach to filmmaking is influenced by my academic training as a social anthropologist and is informed by my long-standing involvement in development.   As a social scientist, I recognise the need for sensitivity and respect. I can operate, with ease, across diverse cultural and social contexts, and have the skills to engage with people from any social background.  I understand the influence that social identities, such as gender and ethnicity, can play in shaping life experiences, and the importance of exploring issues from differing perspectives. As a development practitioner, I have a detailed knowledge of the institutional context of projects and programmes, the issues they seek to address, and their challenges.

Dr Fletcher Tembo, Team Leader

Photo taken in Sierra Leone during work on the Mwananchi programme managed by ODI