Core Skills


I can


  • Facilitate capacity building, organisational change and empowerment through stakeholder engagement, participatory planning and knowledge management.​​​


  • Design, implement and analyse social research, and communicate key findings to key stakeholders, including service users and decision-makers.


  • Manage projects, and provide leadership in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development interventions. 


  • Support and strengthen learning across a range of cultural, organisational and institutional contexts, through lecturing, training, coaching and mentoring


  • Make use of video and photography to inspire change and bridge the communication gaps that slow the progress of development


  • Analyse and explain how social identities, including gender, age, ethnicity and (dis)ability, shape inequality, poverty and development outcomes.


  • Formulate and direct organisational policy and strategy, and support others in this work.


  • Reconcile differences of interest to build understanding and agreement through mediation and informed discussion




During my career,  a number areas of interest have emerged and remained with me.


These include:


• Social and participatory research

• Capacity building through advising, training, mentoring

• Facilitation of stakeholder participation

• Youth, age and life course analysis

• Gender analysis, planning and training

• Social identity and its links to poverty, exclusion and opportunity

• Governance, accountability and citizenship

• Sports and development

• Participatory video and photography

• Civil society, charity and volunteerism